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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3 Weeks old Papillon Babes

Fraskati's babes are now 3 weeks old.
In terms of picture taking, the fun is slowly starting.
Next week, as they are going to be 4 weeks old, their personalities appear like buds to become blossoms.
Toward the end of next week they also will be introduced to their first slurry meals consisting partially of raw ground meat; but we get to this later.
By now most breeders have their puppies also given  their first worm treatment.
Not so in our home:
Moms, and all other dogs get regularly DE (Diatomaceous Earth) given in their meals, a safe, non toxic, all natural worm treatment, including pregnant moms, and post delivery moms. There are no worms to be transferred to whelps. And when the puppies are getting their meals, they also will be given DE.
Safe, non-toxic. No chemicals here.
But let's get to the beautiful photos:
(click on any one of them to see all in a larger format)

Road's End Fraskati-Mom

VanGelis Zanzibar -Dad