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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Papillon Senior Care Help needed.

Someone contacted me today, in need of immediate care for a 13 year old spayed Papillon girl.
Here are the owners words:
I found your website online and you have beautiful dogs! I'm wondering if you could help me out with my situation at all. I have a female Papillon, spayed, who will be 13 this year in October. I've had her since a wee puppy and as life would have it I needed to move into an apartment a couple of weeks ago out of a house. Here's where the problem comes in, my dog barks when she hears people outside when I'm not home, I took her to the vet who recommended a spray collar or a shock collar and neither one has phased her barking. In fact they only make her cry worse. She's in excellent health, besides needing a dental and gets along well with cats, she's timid around other dogs but ok with them, sleeps most of the day but can walk and run with the most active of them. Loves to stand on her hind feet and dance. I need to find her a new home and I don't want venture to craigslist. Do you know anyone who would love a little senior girl?
Thank you,

(Girl) Star

Please consider to adopt this sweet little girl, or perhaps you know of someone who might.
Star deserves to find a loving family, where she can live out the rest of her senior years.
Please contact me , and I will see to it!! Thank you.