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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Papillon Dog Heritage

On this post I would like to show you the newest litter of babe's parents and grand parents.
When evaluating a puppy , projecting the possible outcome how it will look as an adult, it is always important to see beyond their immediate parents, and have a look at their grand parents to the least. Of course, that also includes to question their health and temperament.
Following is a photo of the dad Zanzibar, who came to us from Sweden.

Above: Zanzibar as a tiny pup, and now. A sweet guy who loves people, and is very affectionate.
Below: have a look at his mom, who lives in Sweden:

Below is Zanzibar's dad. It is easy to see that Zanzibar inherited most of his mom's looks.

Following now the mom of the litter: our Fraskati:
Below is Fraskati when she was 5.5 weeks old.

And, Fraskati now:
(note that the sable/red color on her head changed dramatically with the growth and development of her scull.)

Below you see Fraskati's mom Gina.

And here is Fraskati's dad: