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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Your Dog And Toxic Flea And Tick Prevention-

Following information is shared from Dogs Naturally Magazine.
It brings awareness of what all these flea applications are about, and their long-term toxic effects.
I am clipping a few lines and put the link on the bottom, for you to click and continue to read the whole article.


Dr. Dobozy of the EPA’s Pesticide Division has found that the active ingredient (fipronil) in Frontline remains in a pet’s system with the potential for nervous system and thyroid toxicity.  Tests on laboratory animals resulted in thyroid cancer and altered thyroid hormones, liver and kidney toxicity, reduced fertility and convulsions.  Frontline’s web site creates the impression that the product stays in the oil glands of the skin.  But Dr. Dobozy’s study showed that, in fact, it does enter the body and the organ systems.


Advantage contains the active ingredient Imidacloprid.  In laboratory studies Imidacoprid has been found to increase cholesterol levels in dogs, cause thyroid lesions, create liver toxicity, and has the potential for damaging the liver, heart, lungs, spleen, adrenals, brain, and gonads.  As a neurotoxin, it can cause incoordination along with labored breathing and muscle weakness. When this drug was tested after its introduction in 1994, researchers found an increase in the frequency of birth defects when it was tested on rats, mice and   dogs.  In the Journal of Pesticide Reform, author Caroline Cox exposes thyroid lesions as a result of exposure to imidacloprid.

P.s. I use Diatomaceous Earth on my dogs. There is a lot of info on the web. 
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