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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Walk and Photo Shoot.

The best from the best.
Today's photo shoot, while we where walking our fields, was set in the most superb weather, with mild temperatures, and plenty of sun.
Please click on any image to see all in a larger format.
Have fun.

Above Pepe.

Below: Duke.

Our Fraskati, above, is due now any time soon. She is the size of a beer cag, but still demands to go with us-all the way.

Above: Lilly, the shyest of all.

Below: also very shy: Princess PĆ¼ppie

 Above our daily companion: Cooper.

Above: winter views.

Below: Praline

Below: Mimi, also pregnant, and expecting her babes on the end of February.

Below: Senior Tiger Man.

Below: Fraskati safely back home.

Above: Coats.
Below: Pirates Gold.