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Monday, January 20, 2014

Phalene Dogs @ Road's End

Our Phalene youngsters, now full grown:

(Boy) Kilemars Passo (Swedish import) @ 11 months

(Girl) Jessera Irish Mist (Misty) @ 8 months:

Our boy Max (Road's End Strammer Max) received his Canadian Championship:


Anonymous said...

Max, you ARE a champion!! His coat has always amazed me. I would love it if his handler would write up a post about how she cares for his coat. I would like to try it with my guy too! Congratulations, Antje and Max!

Anonymous said...

I knew Strammer Max was going to be special from the first time I held him when he was a little guy. I bet you miss him, I know I would. Congrats on his accomplishments. He's always been a champion in my book. Patty