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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Papillon Dogs with Anal Gland Problems

Unfortunately there are plenty of Papillons, Phalenes, and dogs in general who suffer from anal gland problems.
Some dogs just scoot occasionally their little bottoms on the carpet, but others have frequent -, chronic anal gland infections.
If your pet is one of the unfortunately ones who has such problem, ask yourself first of why he/she has  it to begin with. To just try to treat the symptoms without researching the underlying reason, is often difficult, and the problem will just come back over and over again.
Although it is not clearly understood why dogs have these glands, it does make sense to say that they must have a reason to be there. So, before you run to your vet to get them surgically removed, be also aware that this type of surgery is  a risky one.
Among my own Papillons, I had a Pap who frequently came down with  anal gland infection, but it has been now numerous months since I had switched to a raw  meat/ raw bone diet, and he had not a single one infection since.
If you have not done so, you might have a good look into feeding your dog a raw food diet, and, of course, provide him plenty of exercise. You might be surprised to see the problem disappear.
If your dog does have an anal gland problem, you can help to  relieve his problem with a  glass of warm water,  a teaspoon of Sea salt added ,and  add also 8 drops of Calendula tincture to the mixture. Pour the mixture on a cloth and hold it  on the anal gland area for a while, 'till the mixture cools down too much. Repeat several times per day.
( I actually put the cloth into a female pant for a while, it fits the boys just fine)
Calendula extract is available on line.I get it from Amazon.
I have also used Calcium Bentonite clay, also available on line, and at Amazon. The clay as a dressing works also wonders, as it draws out the poison, and dries up the wound.

Anal gland Problems
Bentonite Clay