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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Road's End Farm - Chicken Project 2014

Although you will not see any Paps in this post, our chicken project for 2014 is happening on their farm, and they do get to see the hens through the fence lines of their yard and fields.
We are adding, remodeling our coops, and I have found a few already mature and laying hens, which have by now lived in, and love their wide open grassy paddocks.

Above: coop #1, all new, housing rooster Baba and 4 hens.
Below: coop # 2 , remodeled, housing  Rooster Wayne with his 2 girls. These little birds are senior citizens, as they are this year 14 years old. Of course they do not lay any eggs, but they are appreciated as beautiful sweet little birds.

Below: coop # 3.
On this paddock are actually 8 hens, 4 of them live in this coop, and the other 4 with a little Bantam rooster live in a coop, which still will be up dated. In the day time they are all happy hens together, @ night they just go to their coops, which they are used to,  to roost.

Below: spring plumage on our Peafowl coming right along.

Below: waiting for handouts.

Below: Sox our boy is making sure everything is running smoothly.