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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Witch Hazel for Papillons, other Toy Breeds and Dogs. Topical Home Remedy for Hot Spots, Flea + Tick Bites

Many of our dogs, including our beloved little Butterflies suffer from allergies, occasional stings, flea bites, tick bites, sores and scratches of all kinds.
Witch Hazel is an effective, inexpensive home remedy to apply to the inflamed skin, (also your skin).
Available in drugstores, look for Witch Hazel that is made with ethanol, not isopropyl alcohol. Ethanol is a grain alcohol, and it is consumable.
A cotton ball with a dab of Witch Hazel, with anti-inflammatory properties, applied  3 or 4 times / day will sooth, and aid to healing a hot spot, or rash on your pet.
Use this herbal astringent in moderation,  as too much of it can also be harmful to your dog.
Witch Hazel is also effective as an ear cleaner for dogs. Instead of using alcohol, use Witch Hazel. It does not sting, and has a nice cooling effect.