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Friday, November 29, 2013

Papillon Dog Food Gobbler

Do you have a Papillon or other (small) dog who gobbles his/her food down too quick?
You have to worry about bloat, or he/she even can chip a tooth on a stainless steel bowl.
Here are some tips to try to make him slowing down:

  • Put a large ball in the bowl with the food. The ball must be big enough so that he can't eat, and suffocate on the ball. 
  • Xtra large pebbles (river rocks) may work instead of the ball.
  • Dura Pet Slow Feed Bowls are also available @ Amazon, and everywhere else on line. (I have not found one small enough for my little Paps)
  • I scatter little piles of food on a blanket, when I have puppies eating too fast, but it also works with adult dogs.
  • A cup cake pan, flipped upside down , with the food put in all the cracks should also work.
  • Some people also use a muffin tin pan, and put some food in each of the little muffin cups.
  • Don't let your dog, who is a gobbler,  run around and go wild after his meal. Keep his activity on a low scale for about an hour or so. It is the high level of activity after a meal, that causes the stomach to twist, which then causes to trap air/gas, causing bloat.