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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Soup Bones for Papillons

I incorporated soup bones in my raw meat and raw bone diet for our Papillons.
A (Beef) soup bone is a wonderful recreational bone, which means, they do not eat the whole bone,but rather chew, and tear off the little bit of flesh which is on the bone when you buy it. The bone is not so messy like some of the other bones, and it can be used for numerous day to come. My Papillons absolutely love these bones, available in any groceries/ food store.
It is also a fairly inexpensive item, in relation to all those bones available in pet shops, which many of them have been basted, painted, dipped in all kinds of chemicals to make them look better.
Toss away your tooth brush for your pet, get bones, and you will see bright, shiny teeth within a few weeks.
A great way to eliminate tooth scales at the vet, and anesthesia, which Papillons are known to be highly sensitive to, and may never recover from.