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we follow limited vaccination guidelines.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Road's End Youngest Papillon/Phalene Puppies

First "Big Outing"  today:
Our youngest Babes @ 5.5 weeks, enjoying and exploring the grass, hay, and all the other goodies.
Here the two brothers:
Rusty Armor, a Papillon puppy, along with his Phalene brother Ravens Lair.
Followed by the two little sisters:
Raffinesse + Rapunzel
(Well worth your time to click on any image to see all in a beautiful gallery of much larger photos, right here, without leaving this blog.)

Ravens Lair-5.5 weeks

Rusty Armor-5.5 weeks

Raffinesse @ 5.5 weeks

Rapunzel@ 5.5 weeks