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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Papillon Temperament

The Papillon Dog is a friendly, small dog (Toy breed) with luxurious ears, which gave him his name: the French word for Butterfly.The Papillon is:
A athletic breed as much as a house dog. He loves to go on long walks or hikes, retrieve, or chase balls, popular for Agility  sport, Obedience and other disciplines.
HardyIntelligent (The Intelligence of Dogs, rates the Papillon eighth among all breeds).
AlertPlayfulEnergetic (Papillons are built for movement, and most do not need any encouragement to apply their energy to athletic activities.)
Family- People oriented. He will be your shadow.
Easy to train.
IntuitiveCharming .
Tunes in and is adoptable for a variety of life styles.
Brave and a wonderful watchdog ( regardless of his size). He thinks big, does not feel a difference between him and other big dogs.
To put it all together:The Papillon is a small dog, but …. Oho, ola la….  The Papillon is considered to be a "wash and wear" breed and requires minimal grooming. Papillons have a fine-haired, single length coat. The coat is shed twice a year. As puppies, Papillons have short length fur and as adults, the coat is longer and silky.
(Copied from Wikipedia)