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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papillon Hair Length.

How long will his coat be....?The length of the Papillons hair is developed mostly depending on his genes, but also on his food, health, environment, grooming, and, sable/red colored Papis seem to get less ear fringe. Spay and neutered dogs grow also a better hair coat. Look at his pedigree to evaluate the length of hair coat his parents, grandparents have.Genes do not "blend" or mingle. If mom is short coated, dad is long coated, then your puppy may get the short coat from mom. (or long coat from dad)Feed a wholesome diet, not a diet packed with "fillers", and very little nutrients.Use a little spritz(water) when brushing. Gently brush, or otherwise you will break his hair, or even pull it out; especially his ear fringe.Also warmer climates will produce less hair coat than if you would live in cooler climates.