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Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeding & Dietary Recommendations

Feeding & Dietary Recommendations for Papillons

Studies have proven that a balanced, high- quality diet is essential for the dog's behavior, activity level, and a healthy coat..Feed kibble rather than canned food for better dental maintenance, check the ingredients of the item and choose those who produce chicken, beef, turkey, rather than "chicken by-products"

You will be surprised to learn that many leading dog food brands use animal by-products, corn gluten and artificial preservatives.Make sure that the "real meat"

is mentioned as the first, and, or second, ingredient (This is very important!)All dogs like to have a little extras in their diet: my Papillons get a little cottage cheese, fresh chicken, chicken liver with brown rice and vegetable, or fresh farm egg bits and pieces. They like berries for treats, semi cooked pasta, some veggies,whole grain bred.....All of this in small quantities, and earlier in the day time, so they don't "sleep on it"