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Friday, January 9, 2015

Raw Meat , Raw Bones Diet & Raw Tripe vs Canned Tripe

For all those who feed their beloved pets a fresh raw meat diet, Tripe is one of the "in thing" to feed.
Tripe is a  food item with one of the highest nutritional values.
But here is the common problem: tripe is not readily available, and if you may find it in a grocery store, it is washed, bleached, and therefor it has next to no food value anymore.
So the next step is the tripe out of a can. There is a whole world out there with canned tripe, and it is confusing. I will add here a few links for you to get informed about tripe.
My conclusion:
Canned tripe for me is no substitute to the raw-fresh tripe.
 Get frozen tripe from someone else? How would you know the quality of that tripe. If the tripe is not USDA approved you might get the stomachs from "down",sick  cows besides loads of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals.
 My dogs for now for can live without tripe. There are plenty of other wholesome, nutritional rich foods out there, Tripe is not the only one!!



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  1. I am in BC, Canada and a fairly new raw feeder. I gave my 5yr old papillon a chicken thigh last week. I couldn't believe my eyes as he proceeded to chew off a bit of the meat and swallow the rest (bone and all ) So now I am so leary about bones. I know I must try it again and maybe hold it for him. Anyhow, about the trippett......I don't care for the ingredients. Green tripe, water, garlic and carrageenan gum. Garlic is still too iffy and researching carrageenan is just plain bad. I come to your page often and really respect your views, keep up the great work. And oh hhhhhhhhh such beautiful paps !