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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recommended Dental Chew, Treat for Papillon, Dogs

I had posted a warning about Denta Sticks just a day ago, and I received this wonderful recommendation to Merrick Sow Ears.
Please have a look at this, it might be worth your while to invest, especially where you can save on tooth scales, vet bills, and another chance to avoid anesthesia needed for your butterfly.


Hi Antji, My name is Cordy Thomas and I am Road's End Zitoni's mom. I read your blog post on dentastix. Besides Zitoni, I have an 11 year old male papillon and an 8.5 year old female papillon. None are related. All 3 have good teeth, and my vet, who checks them regularly, has seen no reason for dental treatment. My treatment is Merrick brand sow's ears. They are slightly different from the pig ears usually available at pet stores--less greasy and puffed. It takes the dogs some time (weeks) to work through them, and ears keep the dogs teeth clean and gums healthy. Maybe some of your owners would find them helpful. Zitoni (Road's End Lapin Agile) is joy every day. Thank you so much.