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Monday, April 22, 2013

Positive Results of the internal and external application of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to (Papillon) Dogs and other pets.

I had written previously about Diatomaceous Earth, or DE and it's benefits.
For several years I hesitated to use it on my dogs because of the inhalation of the powder, as it is always suggested to wear a mask while applying the product. My thoughts where: what about the dogs then, they also will inhale .
But all these problems are resolved, and I want to tell you here in this post my personal experience and outcome of the usage of DE , which I have applied now for 3 months faithfully and achieved remarkably good results in the elimination of all kinds of parasites in-, and on my  of my dogs. (and a cat we own).
The links below will lead you to the previous written articles concerning Diatomaceous Earth:

I do not want to get here into what DE is. Please read the articles, and there are also many articles written on the internet. You Google DE, and a whole new world opens up for you .
Please keep in mind that we are talking about a dirt cheap product, all natural, completely harmless, non poisoning  and when ingested also a bit nutritious, as it contains several important minerals.
Before applying DE, I had to de-worm all my dogs once/months, and use expensive flea treatments  (Front Line, Advantix, etc) on them also once/months. In other words I poisoned them twice each months to keep the bugs away.
I have not used any of the previous treatments since, my pregnant moms where free of worms, and fleas while  carrying their babes, and the 5 weeks old pups I have now are also free of parasites, looking good, feeling good, and are happy and healthy.

I feed DE every day in every meal by mixing about 1-2 % powder with their dry kibbles. I moisten the food just a tiny bit so the powder sticks to the kibble. I do not worry about giving them too much of the powder, as it is completely harmless, but I make sure to give them enough for it to make it work.
In the first 2 weeks I used 50% water diluted chicken broth to make it taste better, but by now they are completely used to the product and I use only water.
Remember, only very little water.
And I bought a duster to apply the powder to their places where they lay and lounge. Under their bedding and blankets, anywhere I think fleas and other little bugs may hang out.
I use a kitchen cooking glove to rub a small amount into the dog's hair coat. Right along where you would apply the Front Line, but only in the shoulder area, where they really can't stick their nose into their own hair.
All in all I use it mostly on their resting places, sleeping places, rather than on their hair, as it does dry the hair/fur  out a bit.
So far, I have hardly seen any bugs.
Please note, I am not promoting DE as in sales, I just think it is a wonderful product. If you can not get it in your local feed store, you will be able to get it through Amazon.com., or other DE retailers on line. Just make sure you get the Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

I don't mind to put out a tiny bit more effort in terms of labor for :

  • Keeping my dogs parasite free without poisoning them, internally and externally.
  • Saving a lot of money by not having to buy expensive harmful chemicals month after month where many times the dogs  acquire immunity to the specific product and it does not work properly anymore.

Diatomaceous Earth is not harmful, you can not over-dose, and it will always do the job, as long as you keep applying it.
Study up Pap lovers!! It's well worth it.
Here is a more good informative link: