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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others, Horses + Dogs, a dangerous combination.

Hi Antje,
 I wanted to let you know about my Papillon I got from you three years ago. Gilligan was in your E litter, a black and white boy. He has been our best little buddy for the past three years. He had a terrible accident last Thursday and got away from me and was kicked in the head by a horse.
We rushed him to our vet, who sent him to an ICU in Portland called Dovelewis. He spent two nights there in ICU and is now back home. He is doing amazingly well. Even though he had some small skull fractures he did not have bleeding in the brain and is a little weak on one side but is still the same great dog. It is a miracle he survived. I am warning everyone I know about how accurately a horse can kick and how dangerous it is to be around horses with dogs.
Please remember us in your thoughts, and I wanted to let you know that even though this was nearly a tragedy our little dog is going to make it through.


Thanks for your concern. Gilligan is doing better every day. He is not very photogenic right now since he is on seizure medicine just in case and the medicine makes him sleepy. But here is a picture of him resting.