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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Papillons, Phalenes Pros & Cons

I had posted it already at an earlier time, but not everybody looks in the archives of a blog.
It seems to be "Puppy Shopping time" around the early winter season; so, here again, I will point out the Pros + Cons of the Papillon, Phalene Breed.

Papillon, Phalene Pros:
  • To the most part a healthy and longevity  (long life) breed . 13 years is the average, but many live to be 16, and sometimes longer.
  • Great watch dogs , they will let you know of strangers or anything unusual.
  • If well bred, they are not a nervous, or a yappy breed. Make sure to go to a reputable breeder.
  • Easy to train. (They are # 1 in the Agility sport, in the toy breed class),active, and playful;  adopt easily to a variety of family life styles.
  • Gets along great with most other house pets (they are a Spaniel Breed: mice, hamsters, rabbits, etc, might be chased by these little dogs).
  • Good with mature children.
  • No undercoat, therefore: no doggy odor, less shedding, if brushed regularly.
  • No groomer needed, requires very little trimming (around the lower legs).
  • Enjoys a great deal of attention, will follow you everywhere you go,
 Papillon, Phalene Cons:
  • House training, as with most toy Breeds, will take longer. (The instinct of these little dogs to go outside to potty is not nearly as inbred as in larger dogs. They had gotten away for 100s of years  to tinkle in the corners in the premises, or in hidden places, without anyone noticing)
  • Not very suitable for families with very tiny , immature kids.
  • Not suitable for a home, where the owner is mostly gone, or has little time for the dog.
  • Think Big: he does not know that he is smaller than other big dogs.He might  try to be the boss over a bigger dog. He is unaware of his vulnerability.
  • Anesthetic Sensitivity. Make sure, you are going to a veterinarian with plenty of experience with this breed.

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