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Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to remove Tree, Pine Sap from your Papillons, Phalenes, Dogs Fur

Every once in a while one of my Papillons gets Tree Sap in his delicate, beautiful, long hair. It's a disaster, and some times hard to figure out where the sap comes from; but it is removable from the fur, even though not an easy task to do.
Here are some tips:
Begin cleaning right away, not to allow the sap to harden.
  • Peanut Butter
Apply liberal amount of creamy, oily peanut butter into the sap on your Papillons fur.
Massage the Peanut butter gently into the fur (a hair dryer on a low setting will speed up the process of dissolving the P -Butter).
Comb slowly through the dog's hair, using a large- toothed comb. loosen up any stubborn sap with your fingers and nails, and use scissors to cut out the most stubborn bits of sap.
Do not worry about your dog licking the area of application. Peanut Butter is eatable, not toxic, as many other products are not. (such as petroleum jelly, organic adhesive removal solution and hand cleaners used by mechanics. these are not as safe as food- based remedies.)
Give your dog a goo shampoo bathe with plenty of conditioner afterwords.
You can also use:
  • Olive-, and other cooking Oils
  • Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baby Oil

Never, ever use:
Acetone, paint remover or paint thinner. They are highly toxic and can do permanent liver or kidney damage, and they are absorbed through the skin and can cause chemical burns and poisoning. do not use solvent, WD-40, concentrated detergent, of fabric softener on dogs, since these substances are toxic when ingested and can hurt the skin.