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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dry Eye in Phalene Dog (“Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca” or “KCS”)

A sad  day yesterday, but an actual one:
Our young  Phalene  Boy Blitz was diagnosed by the veterinarian to have a
Dry Eye,  or more formal known as:“Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca” or “KCS”.
Dry eye is a condition, where the dog has the incapability to produce any kind of tears.
There are many causes of dry eye. But the most common is that the immune system has destructive powers over the tear glands, thus they do not function.
We are looking into giving our Phalene a medication, which may restore the immune system, to be able to produce tears, but it is not established, that the dogs  actual cause is the immune system failure, and not one of the other causes, which enables tear production.
We will see in a short time , because, if the medication is not working, then it is not the immune system causing the Dry Eye.
His eyes need to be getting a drop of eye wash 4-6 times / day.
We are expecting this to be a life-long situation, with possible blindness as the end result.

Boy Blitz is a delightful little guy, happy, eager to please,  willing to learn. He will do better in  a home ,neutered,  with a family more on the quiet side.
If that fits your description, and you are interested in caring for him, you would only have to pay for his castration, and he would be all yours; filling your heart with love and joy.
Please contact me by e mail.
Thank you, Antje