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Friday, April 8, 2011

Owned by Others-Statements :Road's End X Tra Fino

Hi Antje,

Looks like you are going to be busy with lots of puppies pretty soon. You have a regular little Papi maternity ward with all your pregnant girls. Fino got sick earlier in the week. She developed a sinus infection, couldn't smell her food, and we couldn't get enough in her to prevent her from getting hypoglycemic. We took her to the animal hospital in the middle of the night on Wednesday, and they kept her until the next afternoon. They put an IV in to give her fluids, glucose, and antibiotics. She is ripping around now, and eating just fine, but she looks funny because they shaved her leg for the IV. We have temporarily nick-named her "poodle leg!" Good luck with the upcoming litters.

Fino @ 11 Weeks