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Friday, April 29, 2011

Papillon, Phalene, Broken Puppy Tooth, Puppy's Teeth

Your new Papillon puppy should have 28 milk , temporary, deciduous, fall out teeth.
Those teeth erupt around 3 weeks of age, and by 8 weeks your puppy should have the full set of deciduous teeth-28.
There are 6 incisors (small front teeth)
2 canines (fang teeth)
6 premolars (3 on each side)
All that on top and bottom jaw.

Full set of puppy teeth
 These baby teeth , although sharp, are brittle and fragile, and can easily break.
A broken puppy, or adult  tooth, can easily lead to an infection; many times not even visible, since the infection forms around the tip of the root.
Now it's time to visit your veterinarian, since the tooth most likely has to be removed.
No no toys for  puppies:
  • Do not use any toy where he could break his baby teeth.
  • No toys, where his little teeth can get stuck in, no hard bones, or cooked bones.
  • Do not let your puppy play with a tennis ball over an extended period of time.
Saliva of your puppies mouth sticks to the ball very easily. Ball then drops in the dirt and dirt loves to stick on the hairy ball. the tennis ball becomes a sand paper, and it will slowly wear the teeth away.

Puppy teeth usually fall out at around 3-4 months of age.