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Sunday, April 3, 2011

U Ask: What should I feed my Papillon

You ask: What should I feed my Papillon:

Get a quality brand of dog kibbles (dry dog food).
The most important is to read the label of  nutrition ingredients back on the bag.
The very first ingredient should be chicken, or lamb, or beef.

For instance:Purina 1, available in most food stores, has such label, where Purina   (just Purina) names whole grain corn as it's first ingredient.
Whole grain corn is just a filler, has no nutritional value.
Poultr, Poultry by products (meal) is no substitute for chicken. The by products are nothing but beaks, feet, intestine, claws....all the" no goods".Grind down to a meal, so the  dog and you don't know what it is!! and "meal" makes it digestible.
 Would you feed chicken beaks to your dog, or the nails, claws of the poor chicken?

You may not get better food in vets offices, or pet shops. You just get other dog food brands, and some of them may very well be of high quality, but others are just more expensive. You must read the label first!!
Also feeding your Papillon burger, or chicken alone is neither a substitute for the kibbles (unfortunately).
Most likely you will bring the dogs nutritional balance out of balance and the dog will get eventual sick, or will show nutrition deficiencies.
If you can't afford the so expensive dog food, and have to buy a lesser quality, you can sprinkle some chicken, or beef on your pets food, or mix it, so he has to eat both: the chicken + kibbles.

Canned dog food has the same applications, and to feed your dog only canned, moist food, will rot his teeth away in now time!! But if you buy a good, quality can of dog food, you could sprinkle it on top of his kibbles, instead of the fresh chicken or beef.
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