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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Those highly valued Ear Fringes

Ear Fringes are another story:
It is 90% genetics in how long those ear fringes will get. The other 10 %  consists of:
  • Red & white Papillons have a tendency to grow lesser fringe than dark colored Papillons.
  • If your Papi gets to play a lot with other dogs, he may gets his fringes pulled out by them.
  • Improper combing.

Matti (left) @ 3 years is still growing fringes.
Tiger Man (right) is also 3 years and still growing fringes, but he gets chewed up a little by those other guys, and I have to watch it.

Quarter Man @ 3 years, I hope, but I don't think, that he will get a little more fringe.

Vroni, @ 2 years may still grow a little more fringe.

Mickey's fringes took a long time, and may still grow. He is now 3.75 years old.

It can take a long time, up to 3-5 years to grow fringes, and it can take quite some time before they even start to grow fringes. Once pulled out, they may not come back!!
Look at your puppy's parents, and beyond. Do they have fringes? Does only one of them has fringes? The chances  diminish dramatically with the amount of parents/grandparents not having fringes. 

Praline is now 3 years old; this might be it!!

@ 15 months, these fringes on Brolle are not full grown yet.

Nanu @ 3.5 years is still growing fringes. Her hair is very fine, and I have to brush those fringes often, to avoid tangled mats behind those ears and matted fringes . A spritz of water mixed with a tiny bit of conditioner applied right before brushing fringes and overall body works well .