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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Broken Leg

I just got a message, that one of my Papillon puppies, living with his new family, has a broken leg.
Here is a typical, and classic case scenario how that happened:
The pup gets picket up by a young teenager, who loves the dog dearly, and is very gentle and responsible with it. The puppy wants to play and be on the ground and eagerly wiggles his way out of the carrying hands; falls from that height to the ground, and breaks his leg.
It can happen so easy , regardless who holds the pup. They are slick and quick, and we as caring humans hold on to them only with, in this case, little pressure for not to hurt them.
So, if you do not have too much experience with those little wiggle-worms, please, sit on the floor with them to play, tell your children not to carry them around.
These leg bones are thinner than a straw, treatment and healing is a very difficult, expensive and very lengthy in time. Sometimes the leg has to be removed, or there will be lameness, and if you show....well, the show is over with.