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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Papillon's Personality & Temperament

  • The Papillon is a extroverted dog, outgoing and people oriented.
  • The Papillon is like a little guy in a tuxedo: he carries himself with a great amount of confidence.
  • He is gifted with a keen intelligence combined with a great desire to please.
  • He can figure out all kinds of problems, and how to solve them; and also be one step ahead and out-think you as a master, if you don't pay attention.

  • The Papillon wants, and needs to learn the basic house rules, and beyond. But beware: rewards only, no punishment. He is a sensitive little sole, and you can easily ruin your relationship with him.
  • He can also read your feelings and moods very well.
  • You are obligated to have a positive attitude when you train him.
  • He is outgoing and friendly, enjoys other house pets, especially if raised with him before you got him.
  • He is happiest with human companionship at all time, and expects to become a member of the family.
  • He loves to travel, no matter what distance.

  • You will never go to the bathroom alone anymore, and when he hears your car keys jingling, he is full of excitement, ready to go.
  • He will smell your shoes, or clothes, and he will be able to tell you, what you are going to do next, and act accordingly.
  • The papillon is a lap dog. He loves to sit on, or next to a welcoming lap. He loves to cuddle, or be very close by.