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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Papillon over the Centuries

Over The Centuries, the tiny Papillon has been far luckier than many of the Royal Families that owned them!In Europe the ruling families knew about  Papillons but this breed was not introduced into Great Britain until 1905 and not recognized by the A.K.C. until 1915.
Despite how popular they were among the Royalty and titled of Europe, they were very slow to be embraced by the English speaking people.The first English champion wasn’t born until 1922, and the Papillon (Butterfly Dog) Club wasn’t formed until two years later in 1924.
In 1935 the Papillon Club of America (PCA) was founded, with the United States holding their first specialty show in 1936. Interest in the breed faltered, and then regenerated in 1948.  In 1954 the second specialty show was held.The Papillon has become a family favorite of men, women and children who not only love them sitting on their laps, but have a special place in their hearts for this breed of dog.