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Friday, February 26, 2010

(Papillon) Problems with Puppy Teeth

A very common problem is that one of  the Papillon's deciduous (baby, or temporary puppy tooth) is broken.
These teeth are fragile, have no roots, and if given the wrong chew toys, or a puppy which chews just about on everything around, may break a tooth.
When you see a broken tooth, regardless, deciduous, or adult tooth, you need to bring your Pap to the vet. The tooth will need to be extracted.
A broken tooth most likely will lead to an infection , and you may not see the infection, because it will develop on the root, or bottom of the tooth.

Don't give your Papillon anything that could break it's teeth.
Don't feed cooked bones.
Don't give rib bones, or pork chop bones.
Hard rubber chews are safe, some have shapes where you can hide a little edible treat in it.
Good quality raw hides, larger then he can swallow is safe.