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Monday, February 1, 2010

Papillon Puppies: Feeding

A Papillon Puppy at the age of 7-9 weeks is called and infant, and it is common, that you pick your puppy up at this time to take him  home with you.
The dog food world out there is an overwhelming one.
Ask your breeder what food your puppy had till now, possibly take a little home with you. you will make the choice between buying the same, or decide for another kind.
Buy a high quality dry, smaller kibble food. The first 2 ingredients should be: chicken, meet, lamb, but not "poultry by-products". Mix a little of his new food to the one you brought home for a few days. Change the ratio more and more toward the new food. this way you don't have to mop up runny poop!!
As smaller your pup is ,the more often you feed your 7-9 week old  treasure. Small quantities, as on an average 3 times per day.
It is easier to house train your Papillon, if you feed him on a regular schedule, and not leave your food bowl standing around.
And yes, you could have an overweight puppy!! If you can not feel his ribs, then he is overweight. give him a little less food, no snacks!!
But if you see /feel his rib -and hip bones, then he is underweight.  see my article "weight gain diet" here in this blog.
Be aware, that your papillon is growing, so all these amounts do change in the upcoming weeks.
Get to know your Papillon puppy, feel his ribs frequently, and look at him closely.