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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Available Papillon Puppies

 These 3 Papillon  siblings are available.
2 boys, 1 girl,  all red/sable. DOB 3-16-13
They are ready to leave the nest middle of May and up.

Available Papillon Puppy

Our little girl Rapunzel is still available.
She is  3.5 months old, and available as a pet/companion dog.

6 Weeks old Papillon Puppy

Girl Sans Soucie this morning. @ 6 weeks.
She will be going to Arizona.

Recommended Dental Chew, Treat for Papillon, Dogs

I had posted a warning about Denta Sticks just a day ago, and I received this wonderful recommendation to Merrick Sow Ears.
Please have a look at this, it might be worth your while to invest, especially where you can save on tooth scales, vet bills, and another chance to avoid anesthesia needed for your butterfly.


Hi Antji, My name is Cordy Thomas and I am Road's End Zitoni's mom. I read your blog post on dentastix. Besides Zitoni, I have an 11 year old male papillon and an 8.5 year old female papillon. None are related. All 3 have good teeth, and my vet, who checks them regularly, has seen no reason for dental treatment. My treatment is Merrick brand sow's ears. They are slightly different from the pig ears usually available at pet stores--less greasy and puffed. It takes the dogs some time (weeks) to work through them, and ears keep the dogs teeth clean and gums healthy. Maybe some of your owners would find them helpful. Zitoni (Road's End Lapin Agile) is joy every day. Thank you so much.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Severe Reaction to DENTA STIX!!!

I copied this from my FB page for your awareness:

I got a phone call a few minutes ago from one of my puppy buyers. She was in tears as she informed me that for the first time she bought him a Pedigree Dentastix and he had a severe allergic reaction to it and died.
RIP my precious boy

Angelwing's Midnite Warrior 

Papillon Dog Development, 8 Wweeks to 2.75 Years of Age

Here is a collection of photos from our sweet Butterfly girl Snickers; as she grew up, 'till now.

@ 7 weeks
@ 11 weeks

@ 4 months
@ 7 months
@ 9 months
@ 1 year

@ 2 years

@ 2.5 years

@ 2.3/4 years
NatBA, IntCH Road's End Snickers Delight

Papillon Dog VanGelis Zanzibar

A pretty pic of our Swedish boy Zanzibar. (@ 1.5 years)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Calcium Bentonite added to Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

I recently posted an article about my own experience of the internal, and external application of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to my Papillon's food and bedding/lounging  places.

Today I want to tell you that not only you can choose the pure DE, but you also have the choice of buying a mix of Diatomaceous Earth  with the most beneficial Calcium Bentonite.

Calcium Bentonite is a highly absorbent clay, and when ingested it absorbs toxins , impurities and harmful bacteria of your body, as it passes along. Pets, and humans alike.
It purifies.

There are many other uses of Calcium Bentonite.


Good Morning!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mimi's Babes @ almost 6 Weeks

Available Papillon Puppies

Two of Mimi's Papillon puppies are now available.
They are almost 6 weeks old and ready to leave their nest in the middle of May and up.
We had a wonderful photo shoot with them today.
Click on any image to see all in a nice big format, without leaving this blog.

Above: (Boy) Santana, red /sable @ 5.75 weeks

Above (Girl) Sans Soucie, red/sable @ 5.75 weeks (reserved as of 4/27/13//0)

Above: Santana not being too thrilled about all this.....

Papillon, Dog Hot Car Safety

Papillon, Phalene , Dog Toenail Care

It is important for the overall health of your Papillon, or any other dog to trim his toenails.
If you hear your Pap's  toenails clicking on an uncarpeted area, the nails are are too long.
Overgrown nails can easily tear, split, scratch you unpleasantly,  even alter the gait of your dog, and inflict even more  discomfort, and misalignment of his body.
Photos here are copied from Google images.
Nails are too long

Nails are severely long

We all know what an unpleasant task it is to clip our dogs nails. But it can be done.
I recommend especially to do this job right after a bath, where his nails are still moist, and softer.
Or after he had been out on a rainy day.
It will be more acceptable to him, especially if you turn a hair dryer on, and he will be preoccupied with his hair being blown all over the place.
Some dogs, if small, even do not mind to sit on your lap while their nails being trimmed.
Use either a dog nail clipper for (small) dogs, or, as I do most often, a human foot nail clipper on adult Papillons, and a human finger nail clipper on puppies.

When you purchase a puppy, or a new dog touch his feet and toenails daily, for him to learn to accept your handling. Reward him after your touching session.
After a few sessions start clipping only one nail a day, and reward your dog that he put up with this  operation!

I found this great chart on toenails, also under  Goggle images. Click on the image to study it a little closer:

If you cut into the Kwik, in other words: you cut the nail too short, have Kwik Stop handy, which you can purchase in pet supply stores, or on line.
In case you don't have Kwik Stop, use at least plain baking flower, it will also clot the blood and stop the bleeding.
If your dog has dew claws (the nail on the side of the leg) and it seems to be embedded back into the dog's flesh, you may still cut the nail on the appropriate spot, and then try to pull the  in-grown part of the nail right out of the flesh. If it is leaving a small wound treat the wound with a antibacterial dressing.

Of course you could grind the toenails with a dog toenail grinder.