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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Papillon Fans & Friends @ Road's End

A wonderful day yesterday. Long-time "electronic" friends finally got to go to become real-, physical friends.
The visitors came all the way up to us from Southern California, a 1000 + mile drive. Our day together was not long enough for us to share our love and enthusiasm over our Butterfly breed.
(Some of the pictures where taken by Annie, our friend and helper)
(click on any image to see all in a larger format)

Above+ below, left to right: Antoinette, holding her new puppy, she will take back (XTra Chianti),
center: guess who, and right: Joyce holding one of her precious Paps she brought along for the visit.

Above:new mom with XTra Chianti

Above our dogs just love visitors, and all are friendly, and welcome them.

Antoinette with her new puppy Chianti, and her mom Fraskati

Above, below; Joyce handing out extra delicious treats: dehydrated chicken bits. The interest level is rising in no time!

Above + below: Special photos, as we are holding 3 dogs from the same place imported from Germany.
The Kolibris Papillons. Joyce is holding hers, and I am holding 2 of mine.

Above: Cassedi, Joyces original "rescue Dog", 11 years old, just a sweetheart, and a great travel companion.