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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road's End Papillons: what's up for Dinner?

In continuation to my Raw Meat & Bones Diet, I can report that most of my Paps graduated from  Raw Meat Bone eating school. Of course there are some which are not ready yet, and they just eat their ground meals with calcium added.

Size of the Papillon does not make any difference. My smallest one: Road's End Pirates Gold is one of the most flexible and ferocious eaters. She already eat more than half of a chicken's leg bone; of course with  meat on the bone. Her brother Black Bart is a picky eater. He wants his meal finely chopped, and served on a silver platter.

I also learned that it takes time for them to experience, and enjoy the different textures of meat.
All of them eat meat as ground meat.

Here is  diner tonight:

One per pap. I cut the meat of the bones already, as the pieces where way too big. These pieces from chickens weigh about 1.5-2 oz including the bone. Some of them will not be eaten all the way, and I will pick them up, refrigerate, and get them back one more day. Of course the cut of meat will be served as ground, or chopped meat. My schedule is a boneless meal in the mornings(including a variety of meats, and dairy), and a meaty bone for dinner
Tomorrow morning they will get ground meat:
1-1.5 oz meal / 5 LBS Pap- golf ball size .  Dogs should be fed 2-3 % of their adult weight per day, not per ration! If your Pap weighs 8 LBS, or 128 oz, then 1% of that is 1.28 oz. You will learn quickly whether this amount fits well onto a table spoon, or other little measuring device. Or think of golf balls. The amount a 5 -7 LBS Papillon/Phalene dog should get per meal is about a size of a golf ball; that is if you feed your dog twice/day.
 No need to re calculate, and measure every time. Also, as smaller you grind the stuff, the faster he will eat, or gulp.Here is another reason to give him once per day a good meat bone, where not only he cleans his teeth, but he keeps busy to tear of the flesh of the bone, and therefore eat much slower.
If you follow this, please remember not to overfeed your Pap; regardless of how he looks at you with those sad, big eyes!!!! What you can do is giving him a nice raw recreational bone to further chew on it. Perhaps a nice big beef bone.
I feed my dogs in individual crates, with the crate mats removed during meal meal time. I also have one girl which hates crates, and she gets her bone in the kitchen, which has tile floor.
Below is the link to my previous article.
To be continued.