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Monday, June 17, 2013

Papillon : Types of Ear Fringes

I want to get on this post into the different types of Papillon ear fringes, not into their care, or ability to grow them. Those are different subjects.
Here a link to my previous written article in how to grow long ear fringes:

Ear fringes on Papillon dogs come in different styles.
Please note that there is , what we call "Curtain Fringe" (Snickers, Mattie, Brolle Zanzibar, Tiger Man, Praline, Ore'O) Some people think that their ears are folded down, but these are merely fringes which droop over the ear, and grow out from the inside of ear. All dogs here have their ears up, some ears bigger, some ears a little smaller.
It is your taste to decide whether you like this kind of ear fringe or not.
In general it is a desired trade, and I personally like it a lot. (as you can tell).
When you acquire about a young Pap, ask to see the parents, (at least on photos) and  grandparents to see what kind of fringing they provide.
Here a gallery of my own dogs where you can see the different kinds:

The ability of red- coated Paps to have fringes is mostly limited, as the structure of red hair is more fragile than  dark colored hair on Papillons.  It takes a strong gene pool, and a longer history of ancestors to have such fringing you see here above on Snickers. she also carries a good amount of dark/sable hair on the rim of her ears. That also helps in growing fringes.

 Mattie , above,  took several years to grow her curtain fringes.

Above: Zanzibar's fringes are still in the makes. He is only 1+1/2 year, and it takes longer than that to fully grow fringes on most Paps. But, as you can tell, he has a lot of fringe to grow.

Above and below: Duke and Gina show a reasonable good amount of fringes, as both dog are red/sable.

 Above: Praline was a surprise. She showed no particular signs in her early months, that she would grow such abundant amount of beautiful fringes. It also took several years.

Above: Puppie is the mother of Duke. Look closely, the fringing is quite similar, just some fine, silky threads are going out to the sides. Both dogs have very fine, fragile, but most silky hair.