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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Toys for Papillon/Phalene Puppies and other small Dog Breeds

When it comes to selecting toys for your small Butterflies, don't overlook the human baby department.
These toys seem to be safe and stimulating when picked out accordingly, but are suitable only for the fairly young pups.
Here are some samples:

Above: these little towels, blankets make excellent toys for the little ones to chew, and pull on.

Above: these are crib blankets, I call them sculptured blankets.

Above: teething rings.

Above: teething cloth.

And here we have the wrong mom checking out the Elephant blanket for our babes.

P.s. I find those things in the Good Will Store. They allow small dogs here, if remain in the shopping cart, I take a couple of Paps with me and fill the cart up to the most with things for them!!