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Friday, November 2, 2012

Papillon's accidental death, intestinal blockage by small string

Papillon's accidental death, intestinal blockage by small string.
I am writing this short note for you to enhance your awareness in regards to your Butterflies and other small dogs:                                                            
I just got a report from a fellow Papillon breeder, who had a tragic loss of one of her beautiful little boys, who died over night at the emergency veterinarian hospital.
 He did not feel good  that evening, and after checking him over the owner rushed the Pap to the clinic. His little belly was very sore to the touch.
At 2 AM in the morning, he apparently got up once, vomited, and then collapsed and died.

Followed up by an autopsy, they discovered a string wrapped around a part of his intestine.
Most likely a string from a small toy, rug, or a million other things.

Another sad lesson learned , for all of us who own small dogs.

I hope very much that this heightens your awareness in terms of the quality toys you give your little friends; rugs, or carpet they live on, or whatever is in front of their little noses, while they are inspecting the ground.