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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giardia & Coccidia in Papillon/Phalene Dogs

Lets talk about Coccidia and Giardia in our Butterfly Dogs, as these two little bugs have become almost more prevalent in Papillon puppies than common worms.
If you encounter diarrhea, lethargy, and you see your newly acquired puppy  overall unwell, and with a lack of energy, think about these parasites, as they deprive your Pap of fundamental nutrients.
If you poop-scoop, and see black looking stool (older blood from the intestine), have fresh blood in the stool, stool containing mucus and tiny spots of white dots in the stool, you be guaranteed that your puppy carries one, or both parasites.
The good part is that it can be easily treated by your veterinarian.
Also know that a puppy you just purchased from a breeder can easily carry those bugs around for a good number of days without showing any symptoms. Stress like traveling, new environment, new people can easily "trigger" a bout of  diarrhea with symptoms as described above.
Bring some of the puppy's stool to the vet and let him confirm  parasites.
The most common treatment for Coccidia is Albon, and for Giardia Metronidazole.
Both parasites live in the ground everywhere, and are almost unavoidable. Older dogs do establish a certain immunity to these bugs, but they are not excluded!