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Friday, November 16, 2012

Papillon Dogs + Rawhide Bones

I copied this from my FB page this morning.

Our dogs love rawhide AND like any treat or toy I supervise the dogs. I take them away when they get too small. I also check the country of origin of the products I give my animals. The key here is to BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER.

I have given these to my Lab, from the day I brought her home. She loves to chew and I watch her, if it is a big piece that I think she might choak on I take it from her...No problems, and I read labels!

 Down with Rawhide! Up with Sweet Potato! My pups love their teeter taters.

 My poor puppy tried to swallow a piece of rawhide and nearly chocked to death :( I'm so grateful he was able to spit it out just before we were going to take him to the emergency vet

My boy loves real bones and pig skin twists. It's a great substitute because it is a lot like rawhide, but being real animal product it digests and turns flexible and somewhat mushy when exposed to dog's saliva.