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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Papillon- Ear Fringe Development

Lets talk about those highly desired ear fringes again: the one, you don,t see on your Papillon.....yet.
Don't be impatient. It takes a long, long time in most of the Papis.
But first to the genes: it is really a genes business. They are inherited. So you can not expect fringes, if mom does not have them, nor dad, nor grand parents ....
You got to look at the parents if you want those fringes, and then, with a little bit of luck, you will see some on your Papillon later.
Fringes are also a surprise at occasions, and unexpected in their length or or hair density.

Her I have a good example of my little Praline. She did not look like much when she was young. She did a such a pretty face, but that was about all. the Hair coat was marginal. Her parents, as well grands all had pretty fringes.
5 Months
7 Months
10 months
13 Months

15 Months
Praline is now 3+1/2 Years old, and look at her now: I believe, she has also longer fringes than her parents.