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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Potty Training Dogs, Papillons, Phalenes, tips & more

It is not a good idea to put newspaper in the crate, or sleeping area of your Papillon.
Many breeders use  newspapers for  litters, and the association to eliminate on newspaper remain strong in young dogs.
If you want to train your Papillon  to go on papers indoors, put the news paper, or pad, in a designated area to relief himself.
The instinct of all dogs is that they move away from their potty area, but if you force your Papillon puppy to not be able to move away from the soiled area, there is a good chance, that you train him to accept to be soiled himself and he will not mind to be dirty.....for good!!
That also is a case -scenario if you get a puppy from a mom who failed to teach the little one to clean up after him!! Or he was taken away too early. Or had no mom, was fed by the bottle, and the person did not take over the good moms behavior: in cleaning up the little babe.

Again, make sure you know the background story of your future Papillon.