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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Papillon (Canine) Development

There are stages your Papillon dog goes through in his early development 'till he reaches adulthood.
Here are basic guidelines in what period in his life you can expect his needs will be:
8-12 weeks:
Your Papillons brain is now fully functioning, and he needs to be socialising with the big wide world.
He does not have his mom any more, and he needs to learn that  humans are the pack leaders.
But he also has a "fear period" in this time, so, it is important to avoid pain, super loud noises, or any kind of fright.
13-16 weeks:
It's time to get him into an obedience class, or do your "personal training". It's time to bring him to a lot of other places, people, and scenarios.This is the time where your puppy changes from puppy hood to be a young teenager. Be firm, but gentle, if you are too hard on your young mischief, you can do permanent damage. And, don't forget: give him a lots of praises and rewards in this time.
In this stage, your Papillons will reach sexual maturity, and, if you have more than one dog in your home, he will trying to establish dominance, or more so, he will find his place in the pecking order.

This lovely photo was taken by Road's End Queen Bee's mom. Bee is now a little less than 4 Months old.