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Monday, January 4, 2010

Papillon Nutrition

Dry food.
Canned food.
Homemade diet.

Any dog would love canned food the best.
As it is the most expensive dog food, it is not necessarily the best.
They may not be completely balanced, claim that they are "all meat", and meat alone is not enough to provide a dog a balanced, nutritious meal.
Kibbles, the dry dog food, is the most economical, and the major brands offer a complete balanced meal.
Pick a brand, that offers first in row : poultry, beef, not "poultry, or beef by-products".
 Study the ingredients list very carefully every time you select something new to your dogs diet.
 Kibbles also contribute to healthier teeth. The friction serves as a toothbrush and keeps gums and teeth in a better shape.
Homemade dog diets are most likely not balanced, your dog could end up with deficiencies.
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.....
What about taking Kibbles as a base staple, and every so often sprinkle some fresh hamburger, over it, along with peas, carrot snips, oats;  as a treat? (Eliminate the burger, if you and your dog is a vegetarian !)