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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Papillon Hair Growth

Here are some samples of hair/ ear fringe growth of Papillons.
Nanu Nana with 1 year of age, and now
Praline with 1 year of age, and now.
Mickey with 1.5 year of age and now.Mickey @ 3.5 years

How long will his coat be....?
The length of the Papillons hair is developed mostly depending on his genes, but  also on his food, health,  environment, grooming, and, sable/red colored Papis seem to get less ear fringe.Spay and neutered dogs grow also a better hair coat.
Climate has an impact on hair growth. You can not expect the same amount of hair coat in Florida, US, as you do , if you would live in Alaska.
Look at his pedigree to evaluate the length of hair coat his parents, grandparents have.