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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Papillon Health /Vet Care

There will be times when you have to give your Papillon pills or capsules by mouth .
The best way to do that is by hiding the pill in a delicious meat ball, cheese, peanut butter, or even a little bit of canned cat food!!

If he is still figuring it out by spitting the pill back out, you may have to break the pill in tiny pieces; that will work.
If for some reason this does not work, insert the pill way back in his mouth, close it gently, and watch that he does lick his lips, which means, that he swallowed!!
If you have to give him any liquid, hold his muzzle closed without tilting his head back, squirt with a syringe the liquid into the pouch at the back of his jaw (between teeth and cheek). Make sure he swallows; if not, blow at his nose gently, or stroke his neck.

If small amounts of liquids are only prescribed, it is possible to put it in a small dish, mix with small amount to favored food to eat!!
yummy, yummy!!