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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Advise on Papillons Teeth.

Papillons, like all other Toy Breeds should get their teeth cleaned once per year.They have a full set of teeth in a tiny muzzle, the buildup of bacteria happens fast and, besides possible bad breath,  leads to teeth  loss, and can lead to liver, kidney and heart problems.
A built up of tarter is normal and it happens relatively fast. An annual dental clean is a must at the veterinarian.You could teach your Pap to accept to get his teeth cleaned by you with a small children tooth brush a couple of times / week.
Papillon puppies loose their canine baby teeth when they are about 5-7 months.Look at your dogs teeth frequently at this time. You will see the adult teeth coming in next to the baby canines. Make sure that the baby teeth are loose, or have them checked by a vet, who may remove them if necessary.It could cause a development of an incorrect bite if they are not removed.At this time it is suggested to give your pap plenty of "teething" toys.