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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Road's End Papillon Dog Mr. Bentley's Photoshoot

A special presentation of the photoshoot done by the photgrapher Erika Renae (Erica Renae Photography)
The Pap you see here, with his family, is Road's End Mr. Bentley. All subjects, Mr Bentley's family, in these photos are just most wonderful.
(click on any image to see all in a larger format)
Enjoy these great photos.

Erika Renae

Prescription Diets for Papillons, and all other Pets

If your dog currently is on a "prescription diet" I would like you to be aware of it's ingredients. Please read the following article of Dr. Jodie Gruenstern DVM

I will post a copy of a Face Book photo here along with the link to the "must read" article.

"I remember when, as a younger veterinarian, the reps who promoted prescription diets would say, “Be sure to tell your clients that the diet is not guaranteed to prevent recurrence of the condition. However, be sure the pet doesn’t eat anything else.” While one pet after another did have a recurrence, I began to question why a prescription diet was necessary, or for that matter, even a good idea!
Now, it’s been well over a decade and I’ve run a successful holistic practice without using any prescription diets. We manage or cure disease with fresh, healthy species-appropriate diets."

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Road's End Papillons owned by Others

 Our little Chianti is already "lived in " in her new home in CA. New photos from her new mom.

These lovely photos where sent to me by the owner of Road's End Rusty Armor. (NC)

Hi, I acquired my previous boy from you one year ago on Easter. He arrived to me in Wilmington, NC after a long journey from Oregon. He is, without a doubt, the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. A wonderful little clown, his antics keep me amused constantly. He loves to hoard items and drags big sticks into the house to chew on them. I have resorted to purchasing expensive indestructible toys for him as he is adept at disemboweling ordinary toys. He knows the names of his toys and where all the treats are kept. He can remember where toys have been hidden for long periods of time. In short, he is a delight in my life. I call him Teddy, but I believe you called him Rusty Armor

Friday, April 25, 2014

Top Model-8.5 Weeks old Papillon Puppy

Our last little butterfly is leaving us next Monday. Girl Yakira, 8.5 weeks old, modeled today a new collection of extra small harnesses.
Our friend and helper Annie has been sewing for my Papillon flock now for quite a while: crate mats, crate covers, and extra small harnesses for tiny Papillon puppies, starting from 6 weeks on of age, with a weight of about 1 Lbs.
Annie has decided to offer these harnesses soon officially to all Papillon owners, and , of course other small Toy Dog owners.
If you have any interest in these tiny creations contact me for now with any questions.

Yakira, our top model!!

Yakira 's new home will be in California.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Natural Health Care + Diet Guidelines for your Puppy’s First Few Weeks

On this Post (Page) I want to focus on your puppy’s natural healthcare and diet for the first few weeks. It is not intended to talk about leash -, or potty training. The goal is to make the transition for your puppy from our home, or the breeder you chose, to your home, as easy and stress- less as possible. This post (page) will also be continuously up-graded, changed, added on, and you can see, if you followed my blog for many years, that it contradicts numerous earlier tips, and recommendations. My outlook in caring for my Butterfly flock has drastically changed, and the positive results are just incredible. The following recommendations/guidelines are just my guidelines, as I am an advocate of natural healthcare , for all creatures, humans, and pets.

I want to see that your puppy has a healthy start, to set stone for a long, happy and energetic life, you and your puppy both love and cherish.
The puppy you are taking home from Road’s End is already eating a Raw Meat Diet (click on the link to get to the Raw Meat page)
Be prepared to continue with the same diet, and have your menu planed beforehand. If you have a grinder you can grind chicken necks, and wings to give to the puppy, and only offer an occasional chicken neck as a "recreational bone". Some 9-10 week old puppies already eat small chicken necks. Small means: not too small to choke on , but still of a fairly small,  skinless size.
I feed a puppy 3 times / day, and hope you will continue, till he is 4-5 months old, or depending on his size,  if he is a skinny type pup, or a little eating machine. If he gulps down his food at every meal he gets, put a small ball in his dish, so he has to work harder to get to the food.
You will also get a small amount of food to take with you, when you are picking your puppy up from us.

Changing your puppy's diet from kibbles, or any commercial diet to RAW:

Get some of the kibble the puppy was raised, mix meat, egg, yogurt, DE with the kibbles, and serve small meals often. Reduce kibbles gradually every day.

There are some other items you should have prior to your puppy pick-up:

  • DE (Diatomaceous Earth)
You can buy 100% food-grade DE at Amazon, and other places on line.

  • Nutri Cal, or Caro Syrup. Your puppy may get depressed or stressed, and refuses to eat. This will keep his blood sugar up, and may prevent to get hypoglycemic. Follow the instructions by putting a pea size amount on your finger tip, and insert it in his mouth-pouch.
(Available in pet stores or also from amazon)

When you are going home with your new puppy avoid wanting to give it a “bath” right away.  The puppy is already taxed with all new issues. A bath would stress him out too much, and you will end up with a pup with  diarrhea, or runny stool, which brings more stress and possible dehydration on your dog. (See below) Let him bond to you, and enter a more quiet home, when you get back ;not have 20 children, grand parents, neighbor,s all wanting to hold him and hug him-; and let him sleep when he is getting tired. Puppies sleep a lot!

Stress Diarrhea

It is very stressful for any dog or puppy to go to a new home.   While some dogs and puppies just seem to “fit”right in to their new homes and life styles, others get gastric problems, and develop diarrhea. Please be patient with your dog. Provide him/her a quiet corner to rest/sleep.
 Dehydration is the biggest worry with any diarrhea so please be sure your dog is drinking, even if he/she doesn't feel like eating.
I use a small syringe (no needle), or an eyedropper, filled with water and a tiny bit of brown molasses. Molasses has wonderful properties, and helps to keep the blood sugar stable.

  • Diarrhea Remedy:

 A tiny amount of plain Greek yogurt, or probiotics, added to the menu is helpful with treating upset stomachs 
and/or diarrhea.  
Canned pumpkin is also known to help treat diarrhea. Feed your Papillon ¼ Teaspoon, to help form firm stools.

  • Sample Diet for Gastric Problems:
Lean meat, such as beef heart, skinless turkey breast, skinless white meat from chicken.
Chicken neck , or wing (raw, with the skin removed).

Feed about ounces/day to a 5 LBS dog.

  • Herbs:   Relaxant, Anxiety Relieve, Stress Remedy:

Chamomile. A few drops of Chamomile from a tincture, or tea added to the puppies food, or inserted in his cheek with a needle-less syringe, or eyedropper.

These 2 little Butterflies are being hold under the knife tomorrow. Due to the fact, that they only each weigh a little over 3 LBS, (1.3 KG) and are both 15 months old, they are going to be spayed. Please pray with me that they will make it through their anesthesia just fine, and have a speedy recovery.
MonCoeur + Pirates Gold

Sunday, April 20, 2014

8 Weeks old Papillon Puppy 's first Raw Meat Bone

Yakira-8 weeks old, enjoying her first beef-back-rib-bone

Papillon Girl Road's End Madame Mimi

All her babes are gone now. Madame Mimi 5 years old.:

Well, we have one little Butterfly babe left over, but only for one more week.

Above: "guess what I am doing"
Yakira @ 8 weeks

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter to all my Pap Fans!!

Road's End Puppies in their new Homes

Little Corvina in her new home already made friends with the house cat:

And here a photo from New Mexico: "Professor" Lambrusco (the brother of Corvina)

All are well in their new homes, and perfect families.

Phalene Dogs @ Road's End

Our Phalene boy Passo is now 14 months old:

Kilemars Passo, PH

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Papillon Fans & Friends @ Road's End

A wonderful day yesterday. Long-time "electronic" friends finally got to go to become real-, physical friends.
The visitors came all the way up to us from Southern California, a 1000 + mile drive. Our day together was not long enough for us to share our love and enthusiasm over our Butterfly breed.
(Some of the pictures where taken by Annie, our friend and helper)
(click on any image to see all in a larger format)

Above+ below, left to right: Antoinette, holding her new puppy, she will take back (XTra Chianti),
center: guess who, and right: Joyce holding one of her precious Paps she brought along for the visit.

Above:new mom with XTra Chianti