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Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Hour old Papillons

All night whelping party at the vets, starting at 7 Pm last night.
Two of our girls delivering at the same time, and both under great stress and discomfort.
Little Min, (Jasinthe) a very little queen gifted us with 4 babes. Never expected, a great surprise.
Ore'O first litter was also a surprise. She is a very small girl, the 2 babes she brought in this world where twice the size of what she was when born.
Everybody, including me, is trying to recover.

Road's End Ore'O-A2 Babes (1 Boy, 1Girl)
Sire: Int. Multi CH Tiger Man vom Cavalierchen

Road's End Jasinthe: Z Babes ( 3 Girls, 1 Boy)
Sire: CH/JA Satories Cowboy Casanova


  1. Oh wow...You all did have a busy night. I'm glad everything is OK. All of those sweet little babies. Can't wait till they are older so I can come and play with them.


  2. WOW is right! What a night you had!!!! Glad everyone is well, get some rest if you can :)

  3. Just curious why you have so many dogs having puppies at the same time? Three litters in one week, with more on the way? Do you have a backlog of potential owners or maybe you are looking for a show dog? Just curious :)