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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Weather:small dogs, vs big Dogs.

Big Dogs vs Small Dogs:
it calls: "Surface to volume ratio". Big dogs have higher body mass than little dogs.This gives them a greater difficulty to cope with hot or cold weather.
Puppies for instance do not have the body mass to survive rapid dehydration. Next in line are small dogs, and up.

So, leave your Papillon  in the cool house with you, forget about the daily noon, or late afternoon, walk.
It will get cool soon enough.

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  1. Hot weather warning: It is going to be 93 degrees today (7/7) and 98 degrees (7/8) Everyone be careful out there! Antje is right, keep our pups inside and go out late or early in the morning to help our dogs stay safe. It is WAY to hot for me I know its too hot for my papillon....ready for summer to be over (my least favorite season) I'm ready for fall to be here (my favorite)...anyway drink plenty of water!!! (Queen Bee's mom Heather)