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Friday, November 9, 2018

Got to let off some steam here...... (A Facebook Post)
Although I am very saddened about this little girl's condition, I have to bring up her story to clear the facts, as I was the breeder of this Pap, accused right away, and told what I should- and not should have done!!
I do appreciate the fact that my name was not mentioned, never the less, there are plenty of folks out there who know about Road's End Papillons , and know the fact that this little girl came from my kennel.
Please click on these links below and get informed.
Do not judge so quickly on grounds not researched properly.
There are plenty of sites to visit on line with good information.

The cause of SARDS is unknown at this time. It has been shown that it is not an inherited (genetic) disorder. It is currently thought that it is a toxic reaction in the retina possibly related to fat bi-products, hormonal or immune-mediated causes.
Autoimmune diseases are linked to possible over -vaccination, and I assume that this little girl , which traveled many times in her life to Mexico , had received plenty of booster vaccines for national traveling.
Fat bi- products are diet linked.

Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS) is a retinal disorder of unknown cause that results in an acute onset of permanent blindness in adult dogs. ... There is no evidence to suggest that this disease is hereditary and there is not any known means of preventing the condition.
SARDS - Northwest Animal Eye Specialists - Kirkland, WA

Below are her parents, my seniors. Both have good eye vision at 12 + 13 years.